Refugees in Europe

Refugees in Europe

A visual journey through the different places where refugees from the Middle East and Africa walk. A portrait of the inhuman life that hundreds of people live.

Kid sees the fire in Moria Camp (Lesbos Island, Greece)



The first stop for these refugees is in Lesbos (Greece). An island 10km from Turkey, which is the entry point for thousands of refugees every year. This is the location of the Moria refugee camp, one of the worst in Europe.



In April 2019, the rumour that the borders with Macedonia were being opened was spread among the refugees who were trapped in Greece. Due to this, hundreds of refugees tried to move to the north of Greece...



The next step for refugees after leaving Turkey is Greece, hopefully they can reach continental Greece. Here you will find hundreds of refugee camps and misery in their streets...



On the way to the dream of a better life in Europe, refugees find themselves in real odysseys of months or even years, and one of those places is Serbia. The old Belgrade train station is home to many of them...



Bosnia, a country where they are very aware of the word "refugee" because of the very recent war they suffered. Hundreds of refugees pass through this country...